What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I wish I could play multiple instruments. I often wish that I could sit somewhere and be a one-man-band. I see people with live stations. In particular, I see the very talented artist Winton Kelly Stevenson inspiring me with music. But I haven’t found a rhythm within this tiny box of petals, a rhythm with my hands and my voice of rhythm that is different than all the rhythms I’ve understood in dance. I can create flow with my body; I can create movement with my feet with my limbs.

So I have begun to practice Bass approximately once a week, which is not enough, not often enough. But I love that deep sound vibrating into my heart and slapping the base with my fingers and understanding the connection. I’m starting to see that with an instrument, one dances, one connection and the instrument dances back. I have a sexy bass she was a gift she has my name on her!

So today, I will take this opportunity and the inspiration that this blog challenge has created in me as I fulfill my first #Bloganuary entry! I will play and dance my fingers across the neck of the bass. I will keep learning until I know how to do that, which I wish I could do!

2022! The Year we enjoyed keeping it simple!

My analog canva wall design

The past year flew by without giving us a real awareness of time. I feel like sleeping beauty! Except I’m not sleeping, I’m more sleepwalking in a grey Berlin sky fog. In 2021 I made some beautiful friends and lost some friends not to death but to lousy attitude and disrespect of boundaries. I’ve looked back and understood that there’s no time for unnecessary bullshit. I’m tired of compromising. I’m at a place in my life where simple is excellent! We said goodbye to 2021 in a small group of five people, the same five people. That said goodbye 2020 together during the most challenging part of the pandemic lockdown. The same five people with different attitudes and awareness and different survival skills! We all made it through the year and still had smiles on our faces. I am so grateful to these chosen five friends! We are like the avengers but our super power is sleepwalking through the pandemic. I have many more powers, but as I said, keeping it simple is my new way to go. Did I make resolutions for the new year? OK, sort of, not really but kinda… more importantly, I know very clearly where to focus my energy and attention, and I’m not sure what I’m doing next, but I am aware of my intuition, my talent, my skillset & my drive.

So look out world because one way or another I’m going to make the best possible outcome and I’m going to take this year out for a ride!

It’s a turkey named duck!
The chosen 5!
Midnight in Neukölln

Self-portrait with Afreakola the cat. When life and still life become one, when the reflection with oneself is not only physical but spiritual, and your surroundings tell a story just as much as your face! Loving this home, this is sacred space, finishing the year with a sense of purpose and understanding that which was lost it’s better on its way.

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Switzerland Tour

Last night was my first show out of 5!

Les 4 coins GENEVA

The room was pulling my heartstrings! My love affair with black box theaters! I could be anything, and best of all, I’m me! The Wild Woman! A stand-up comedian! Tonight’s headliner! I met many beautiful people. I had a lovely glass of wine ate cheeses and assorted meats, but most of all, I represented my voice! A voice that makes you laugh and think. I know I’m in a country where abortion is legal where we might have better rights, but there are challenges. And this is a universal voice! I speak to remind us. Keep laughing keep making the choices for equality in our art!

Like my friend feline says “how can art not be political.

Tonight we are going to Bern!

With funny man & producer Ahmet Bilge

International Comedy Hamburg 2021

After a long worldwide „you know what“ being on a big stage like this was a welcome gift from the laughter goddesses!

Things will never be the same but we keep going up we keep bringing the funny and we keep our hope strong!

It is non stop rain out here but this crew of funny misfits I’d unstoppable!

See you soon Berlin! I’ll be hosting my weekly open mic SUNDAY SLIPS!

Exclusive Interview: Liliana Velasquez (WTNY Bienvenida a Nueva York) | HNN

Exclusive Interview: Liliana Velasquez (WTNY Bienvenida a Nueva York) | HNN
— Read on horrornews.net/165087/exclusive-interview-liliana-velasquez-wtny-bienvenida-a-nueva-york/


The above is a link to the classes that I’m teaching online to help you tune in to your intuition, learn a few basic self-defense moves and understand your surroundings and yourself better join the pretty deadly family. These are lovely short workshops while we are on lockdown, and we look forward to giving classes in person again as soon as we can unite in groups stay safe and sane and inspired remember we are a community, and we are here for you. Thank you. If you have any questions message me right me I’m happy to communicate