What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I wish I could play multiple instruments. I often wish that I could sit somewhere and be a one-man-band. I see people with live stations. In particular, I see the very talented artist Winton Kelly Stevenson inspiring me with music. But I haven’t found a rhythm within this tiny box of petals, a rhythm with my hands and my voice of rhythm that is different than all the rhythms I’ve understood in dance. I can create flow with my body; I can create movement with my feet with my limbs.

So I have begun to practice Bass approximately once a week, which is not enough, not often enough. But I love that deep sound vibrating into my heart and slapping the base with my fingers and understanding the connection. I’m starting to see that with an instrument, one dances, one connection and the instrument dances back. I have a sexy bass she was a gift she has my name on her!

So today, I will take this opportunity and the inspiration that this blog challenge has created in me as I fulfill my first #Bloganuary entry! I will play and dance my fingers across the neck of the bass. I will keep learning until I know how to do that, which I wish I could do!

2022! The Year we enjoyed keeping it simple!

My analog canva wall design

The past year flew by without giving us a real awareness of time. I feel like sleeping beauty! Except I’m not sleeping, I’m more sleepwalking in a grey Berlin sky fog. In 2021 I made some beautiful friends and lost some friends not to death but to lousy attitude and disrespect of boundaries. I’ve looked back and understood that there’s no time for unnecessary bullshit. I’m tired of compromising. I’m at a place in my life where simple is excellent! We said goodbye to 2021 in a small group of five people, the same five people. That said goodbye 2020 together during the most challenging part of the pandemic lockdown. The same five people with different attitudes and awareness and different survival skills! We all made it through the year and still had smiles on our faces. I am so grateful to these chosen five friends! We are like the avengers but our super power is sleepwalking through the pandemic. I have many more powers, but as I said, keeping it simple is my new way to go. Did I make resolutions for the new year? OK, sort of, not really but kinda… more importantly, I know very clearly where to focus my energy and attention, and I’m not sure what I’m doing next, but I am aware of my intuition, my talent, my skillset & my drive.

So look out world because one way or another I’m going to make the best possible outcome and I’m going to take this year out for a ride!

It’s a turkey named duck!
The chosen 5!
Midnight in Neukölln

Exclusive Interview: Liliana Velasquez (WTNY Bienvenida a Nueva York) | HNN

Exclusive Interview: Liliana Velasquez (WTNY Bienvenida a Nueva York) | HNN
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It’s a MadMax year!

Only at the beginning of the year 2021, and so far, what we have seen is unbelievable. When I look at my updates, I feel like I’m watching a bad 80s movie with bad Casting, lousy script, bad lighting. A movie that is so bad that it goes directly from being filmed to VHS

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2020 gratitude list

Well, to be honest, 2020 was a year that had me question life’s purpose. Somehow simpler things in life became more important, and I still have my goals and big dreams, but I am aware that time is an allusion, and we pass through it with a different beat. So the following is a list of people that I am grateful for creatively. This year has taught me To be patient, a quality difficult for Latinas to learn ;). Well, I’m now 43. I live in Berlin. We are on our second lockdown due to the Covid breakout. I still feel that I am in a position to share my good fortune and to welcome help, health, and bouts of happiness through this strange pandemic. I compare my experience to know ones and I hope you find yourself flowing smoothly through your own rollercoaster. Enjoy the ups & downs!

Thank you for the challenges that you gave us in 2020 I have learned to become more active online. I am learning to have fun with the Internet something that is not of my generation. I am infusing my youthful soul my child like curiosity into what I do in my 40s. The pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty into our lives and yet we are able to transform this fear into hope and this uncertainty into a trust in the divine. I have begun to meditate more than ever before. But procrastination is still a big part of my daily life. Even when there is nothing to do how is this possible. I think my loyal companion Afreakola, for showing me had to take naps in the middle of the day how to roll my eyes and walk away and how to pair into a REM state.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know that beautiful people surround me at a distance with a mask. The Creative family continues to support and inspire me. That is my responsibility as an artist to continue to reflect on society and search for meaning in our connection. Anyone who comes close to me knows that my love is unconditional , and it does not change that I am an independent woman. I love many, and I have lost many, and I will continue to laugh. May this new year help you feel comfortable in your skin. May this new year bring small but significant changes to your soul. May this new year inspire you to break the mold and shine from within.

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How does the saying go? Life happens when your busy planning. In the past few weeks, I am living in the moment. This is not a new feeling for me, but one of the circumstances I am usually a day by day woman. I plan ahead very little but do think about it. I am a comedian, and my life is a joke. Literally. I look and feel fabulous, but my account has not ever managed to reflect me. I have lived above my means since I can remember starting to provide for myself. One day at an open mic in NYC on ave a & 2nd, I remember a comic talking about budgets and living life with economic accountability.
I found that 5 min “set” very informative. No one ever really spoke to me about bank balances or budgets. To me, money has been a JOKE! Money rules the world, and mostly old perverted white men had the money. But to hear this young brown comic speak made me think. About the way, I made money and how I never missed it. How I had just enough to cover my costs, and still, I lived this fabulous life. I looked and dressed current with style and class. I went to fancy places, usually VIP or performing. I met creative, talented people one night, Tango Dancing Isabella Roselini said to me, “You are Beautiful.” I felt I could go anywhere at any time. Like doors and opportunities open for me. I am now 42. I live in Berlin, Germany, and I still have the same budget and money habits I had at 24; yes, I understand more. But somehow, no matter how much I plan How much I try to get ahead to create my income as a producer and performer. I find myself in situations that I can not control. Now the whole world is on lockdown, and all y income creatively has come to a halt. Yet I am loving every minute of having to slow down and regroup. Stay healthy and remember money is a joke, and life is worth living!