What does it mean to live boldly?

This question immediately brings up gender inequality, memories, and the pursuit of happiness, for I am a woman who lives life by her own rules. I have always lived boldly I have always lived fiercely, but being female & a minority, I often have been treated as if this equates to lousy behavior. My boldness has been considered rude instead of a strength.

What is golden and admirable for one gender has been seen and socialized as rude for women minorities and other (they them) boldness is seen as too much and Over the top behavior. We should raise little girls to live a bold existence to have not only a passion for expression and this includes being able to say no without an explanation that is the confidence that is what we expect and respects about each other when I say no, but I also have to be apologetic, or embarrassed which I will not be! My no, it’s clear one word a bold no I live life boldly I pursue my dreams. Sometimes I get lost in this pursuit in a forest of Creative confusion. Still, amongst all of these choices, I have fought for the freedom to be a sassy, bold, wild woman. I have immigrated to countries where I am respected for my independence and expected to marry and bear children!

Liliana Velásquez as Nstasha BikiniOff

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What are 5 things you’re grateful for today?

Gratitude gratitude gratitude gratitude this is a daily practice I’ve been doing for a long time. Usually, I wait till the end of the night, and I write in my tiny little notebook the things that I’m grateful for in the day. There’s always repeat things, and they are days that have surprises

My gratitude journal

There’s a list of people I’m grateful for during this pandemic. These people have become even more critical to my mental health and physical well-being. My best friend Winton Kelly Stevenson is a person I cannot imagine my life without! My creative partner Marta Marquez woman has shared adventures with me since our early 20s, and now we are reliving that in Berlin in our 40s! My family checks in on me and brings me a sense of grounding. Even though they are far away, love is always felt. There are many more people I want to be grateful for, but this list is different.

Today, in particular, I am grateful that I was inspired to leave the house and visit a friend. It’s sometimes challenging to exit my apartment, my little sanctuary, a place that I am also grateful for. During the winter months, it’s easy to stay indoors for a more extended period. And now, with so many restrictions in place home is certainly where the heart is.

My cat!!!! Massive Geoforschung this little soulful companion

The transportation system in Germany and how well it is compared to NYC MIAMI OR MEDELLIN

Healthcare in Germany 🇩🇪 wow!!! I have health insurance and I love it!

I can keep going, but I’m going to stop now because I have to focus on other things that need to be done today, and I am grateful for the challenge of writing in my blog every day. Thank you for the daily prompts

What do people incorrectly assume about you?

Living in Europe for the past eight years, the most common assumption is my nationality. I’ve always been recognizably Latina. When I lived in New York City, people often thought I was Puerto Rican. But here they think I’m from Spain, France, Italy. The guesses go on and on and on and very seldom does someone assume that I am a Latina and, to be clear Colombian.

16 year old me in Medellin Colombia

But what exactly is nationality? I can understand why I might look European to some. In the past eight years, I did not know that my skin could be as fair as I had not been in the sunshine or even at the beach. My skin tone varies so much depending on my proximity to the satellite. Well, I grew up in Miami and Medellin. my skin was caramelized and kissed by sunshine. My hair was curly and long, and my smile and attitude radiated Latina sassiness.

Throughout the years, I have come to believe nationalities are a construct and that in the end, we should all be fighting together for a better world and more quality of life for all. Stop Making assumptions about where people come from and start treating everyone the same rights; live a healthy life to access healthcare, food, education housing. One of the main reasons why I live in Europe where I live in Germany, to be precise. Berlin.This city has offered me a better life a better simple standard quality of life. And even though often people assume they know where I’m from, I feel welcomed most of the time. I am only exotic to you if you have a colonizer mentality. It’s not a compliment to call me exotic it is a strange and triggering word.

Two Colombian beauties on a rooftop in Brooklyn

What makes you laugh?

I don’t think anyone’s asked me this in a long time. Usually, I’m the one making other people laugh. I’ve been working as a standup comedian for the past 15 years all I guess I’ve honestly been working for the past ten years, and the first five were learning the craft becoming better. I’m still becoming better. In my opinion, I’m not even as close to my growth spurt as the people I admire in this career path. I laugh a lot at comedy shows when I see the greats.

That is just my life path. Laughter has made me understand tragedy and personal pain. But the moments where I laugh to the point where I might cry. The moments where I have to hold my stomach and fall to the ground because I’m laughing so hard, the moments when I almost Peed myself because I cannot control my laughter have almost always been with a close friend or one of my sisters. Where the silliness takes over the absurd unites us. We’re time seems to stop because the giggles are so strong that one cannot even breathe. These are usually moments about ridicule about mistakes about survival moments that no longer exist.

Lady V & Sammy
Martini & Lava

The last time I laughed like this was on Christmas dinner my friend Martini and I made eye contact and our cunty truth often brought us to tears of joy.

I am so grateful for all these moments. Sometimes we forget exactly what we were laughing about, but the memory of that connection of that deep, profound universal laughter of that healing sensation that is joy. I always welcome this time and time again.

International Comedy Hamburg 2021

After a long worldwide „you know what“ being on a big stage like this was a welcome gift from the laughter goddesses!

Things will never be the same but we keep going up we keep bringing the funny and we keep our hope strong!

It is non stop rain out here but this crew of funny misfits I’d unstoppable!

See you soon Berlin! I’ll be hosting my weekly open mic SUNDAY SLIPS!

It’s a MadMax year!

Only at the beginning of the year 2021, and so far, what we have seen is unbelievable. When I look at my updates, I feel like I’m watching a bad 80s movie with bad Casting, lousy script, bad lighting. A movie that is so bad that it goes directly from being filmed to VHS

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2020 gratitude list

Well, to be honest, 2020 was a year that had me question life’s purpose. Somehow simpler things in life became more important, and I still have my goals and big dreams, but I am aware that time is an allusion, and we pass through it with a different beat. So the following is a list of people that I am grateful for creatively. This year has taught me To be patient, a quality difficult for Latinas to learn ;). Well, I’m now 43. I live in Berlin. We are on our second lockdown due to the Covid breakout. I still feel that I am in a position to share my good fortune and to welcome help, health, and bouts of happiness through this strange pandemic. I compare my experience to know ones and I hope you find yourself flowing smoothly through your own rollercoaster. Enjoy the ups & downs!

Thank you for the challenges that you gave us in 2020 I have learned to become more active online. I am learning to have fun with the Internet something that is not of my generation. I am infusing my youthful soul my child like curiosity into what I do in my 40s. The pandemic has brought fear and uncertainty into our lives and yet we are able to transform this fear into hope and this uncertainty into a trust in the divine. I have begun to meditate more than ever before. But procrastination is still a big part of my daily life. Even when there is nothing to do how is this possible. I think my loyal companion Afreakola, for showing me had to take naps in the middle of the day how to roll my eyes and walk away and how to pair into a REM state.

I don’t know what tomorrow brings, but I know that beautiful people surround me at a distance with a mask. The Creative family continues to support and inspire me. That is my responsibility as an artist to continue to reflect on society and search for meaning in our connection. Anyone who comes close to me knows that my love is unconditional , and it does not change that I am an independent woman. I love many, and I have lost many, and I will continue to laugh. May this new year help you feel comfortable in your skin. May this new year bring small but significant changes to your soul. May this new year inspire you to break the mold and shine from within.

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Cleaning your circle

2019 what a year! I turned 42, and I am still and living like I’m 24. Oh, Berlin, the land of Peter Pan People. I am concluding every year that balancing giving and receiving is a constant dance.  I lost my best friend unexpectedly this year.  He gave me unconditional love & support, changing my life direction when he invited me to live in Germany!  Wow, now I have been here for seven years, my whole life is here. I have a cat again!  We had a bargain,  pero te la cobro en la proxima! Through his generosity, I was able to build and grow within this misfit Berlin artist community.  What a whirlwind.  His support gave me the freedom to produce the shows I wanted to see.  To offer me a stage, not just any stage the whole city of Berlin.  Access to international talent, access to so many European cultures.  He always told me to watch my circles of energy.  To be careful and to replenish my energy.   Seeing me and knowing me since my NYC years.  This man seemed to understand my soul. I have overextended myself for people often. I am coming from a large Colombian family and the sense of community of circles that trade and help each other.  We idealize these moments as children the flow of large families.  As we move away and travel the world, we begin to place strangers into similar dynamics as the strangers become friends and friends become chosen families.   My family always said, “if there is food for one, there is food for two, and so on.” So sharing anything from food to clothes to stages and developing a circle. Somehow this is something that I do naturally and innately. I offer friendship thinking of what it is like to be the new person in a land.  The life of a traveler.  Some longer-term friends some short term friendships and I encourage people to be the best that they can be, to lead by example, take risks to jump on stage and be creative or to stay at home and be creative to learn something new, whatever way possible. I am grateful for the Male Female and D’Lo of the stand-Up world that guided & spoke to me with a mentoring tone.

Now I am 42. I often find myself to be the one with the mentoring tone, transparency in work ethic, and open door creative hostel. There are times I must repeatedly express my need for alone time.  Christoph taught me how to appreciate alone time.  He loved his alone time!  Alone to take off the mask to look past other people’s layered emotional costumes.  To keep what are my memories, my stories mine.  As often, you share a story on stage, and people talk to you as if they had been there in that story.  To breath into my moment and flow back into the infinite universe and become small and still significant. To remember that trust starts at 0 with each new stranger, and it can be built or lost, but not both at the same time.  To rely on the unique moments created day by day in the present. The NOW.  You can use my writing to get insight into me,  but only the now will develop into a long-lasting exchange that creates the balance in the dance.  The people we can argue with, then move away from and hug again upon seeing.   The friend that overstepped a boundary of yours unwittingly and was able to see past their sense of importance. Knowing how to communicate their intention and acceptance of your truth. And the ones that tell you when you are the asshole!

Freudian Slip Club