What does it mean to live boldly?

This question immediately brings up gender inequality, memories, and the pursuit of happiness, for I am a woman who lives life by her own rules. I have always lived boldly I have always lived fiercely, but being female & a minority, I often have been treated as if this equates to lousy behavior. My boldness has been considered rude instead of a strength.

What is golden and admirable for one gender has been seen and socialized as rude for women minorities and other (they them) boldness is seen as too much and Over the top behavior. We should raise little girls to live a bold existence to have not only a passion for expression and this includes being able to say no without an explanation that is the confidence that is what we expect and respects about each other when I say no, but I also have to be apologetic, or embarrassed which I will not be! My no, it’s clear one word a bold no I live life boldly I pursue my dreams. Sometimes I get lost in this pursuit in a forest of Creative confusion. Still, amongst all of these choices, I have fought for the freedom to be a sassy, bold, wild woman. I have immigrated to countries where I am respected for my independence and expected to marry and bear children!

Liliana Velásquez as Nstasha BikiniOff

If you want to catch me on stage being bold, come to Sunday Slips open mic. Every Sunday no matter what! Or my solo show Allein!

What do I like most about my writing?

This is such a loaded question. I have so many insecurities in my writings, but most of these insecurities lead to significant challenges and the ability to grow and become a comedian. As a comedian, I had to take pen to paper repeatedly, develop my bets clean them up streamline the words. I’ve excepted the challenge, but that does not mean that I always enjoy it.

As a young child, what I most enjoyed was my beautiful handwriting. I went to a Catholic school, and the nuns made sure that we knew how to write in a very legible font how to make the letters the same size in the curves of a script, almost sensual. Very naughty undertones! I have taken on this blogging challenge to better my writings and enjoy my creative path more. At 44, in the middle of a pandemic, getting lost emotionally is easy, but this small and fantastic daily blog brings joy to a simple pleasure such as writing once again.

Photo credit Mae Shelle West Davis

2022! The Year we enjoyed keeping it simple!

My analog canva wall design

The past year flew by without giving us a real awareness of time. I feel like sleeping beauty! Except I’m not sleeping, I’m more sleepwalking in a grey Berlin sky fog. In 2021 I made some beautiful friends and lost some friends not to death but to lousy attitude and disrespect of boundaries. I’ve looked back and understood that there’s no time for unnecessary bullshit. I’m tired of compromising. I’m at a place in my life where simple is excellent! We said goodbye to 2021 in a small group of five people, the same five people. That said goodbye 2020 together during the most challenging part of the pandemic lockdown. The same five people with different attitudes and awareness and different survival skills! We all made it through the year and still had smiles on our faces. I am so grateful to these chosen five friends! We are like the avengers but our super power is sleepwalking through the pandemic. I have many more powers, but as I said, keeping it simple is my new way to go. Did I make resolutions for the new year? OK, sort of, not really but kinda… more importantly, I know very clearly where to focus my energy and attention, and I’m not sure what I’m doing next, but I am aware of my intuition, my talent, my skillset & my drive.

So look out world because one way or another I’m going to make the best possible outcome and I’m going to take this year out for a ride!

It’s a turkey named duck!
The chosen 5!
Midnight in Neukölln