Liliana Velasquez 

I started performing as soon as I was able to utter my first full sentence. I remember charging my parents one dollar a night to watch “The Show Of The Mandarina”. I was always wearing costumes, dancing, singing and had great hopes of being a famous movie star, like Ginger on Gilligan’s Island. At age 5, I idolised the movie “Sunset Boulevard“; my childhood mind considered that a success story.

Growing up first generation USA and from a traditional Colombian Catholic family made me feel insane. I was raised in the land of the free… watching Wonder Woman tie men up with her truth lasso. As a young child, my parents told me I COULD BE ANYTHING I WANTED. Well, I wanted to dance act be famous (before the internet)… but they did not consider this an acceptable career for a budding young woman. If I really wanted to be on the big screen, they suggested I become a news anchor.

Over time, spending the 80s in Miami handing out free condoms in my high school parking lot (it was the time of sexual awareness and AIDS), I continuously found myself on the wrong side of what my parents considered to be morally acceptable. This was the beginning of my shameless path. In my 20s, my alter ego learned to explore life and be adventurous – shamelessly and with confidence!

Founder and principal member of the Freudian Slip Club,  Liliana has taken on many roles throughout her career as a performer as well as acted as a model, actress and Tango teacher in both Berlin and New York. Liliana Velasquez grew up bi-culturally in the Americas, with a passion for movement and performance. After beginning her studies in dance at a young age, she studied jazz, folk, modern and tango throughout her childhood and as a young adult. Later moving to New York City to study fashion design and theatre, she was employed as a choreographer at the Queens Museum and produced monthly shows at the Kraine Theatre, Dixon Place Theatre, and the Producers Club. Since arriving in Berlin in 2014,  Liliana has written and created the magical life of Tango Vaudeville Berlin, Shameless Showcase, Sex Gids & Hysteria, Bitchunt, Love Lust & Hotsauce, & Sunday Slips weekly open stage.  Her autobiographic solo show “Suitcase Stability” portrays her many adventures and transformations and received positive reviews. 

Verity Oberg 

Verity Oberg grew up with the allied forces in occupied Berlin,  shaping her interest in contemporary history and urban development. After studying at New School University (NYC) and Humboldt University (Berlin), Oberg worked on various projects involving public spaces before concentrating on combining local artists with large-scale art projects and events. She works in the Arts as a freelance curator, co-founded The WYE in Berlin and runs the project space Retramp. Recently, she has been producing various comedy and cabaret shows in various locations across Berlin. ReTramp Gallery

Duckie L’Orange

Duckie is an abnormal puppeteer, cheese enthusiast and cabarettist. She’s been all around town like a hipster on a vintage bicycle – running interactive installations at Sydney Opera House, barking in a steam punk carnival with Catalan carnies Antigua i Barbuda, touring Germany with the Puppetry Slam Berlin, dancing on rooftops in NYC or creating shows in the jungles of Kalimantan and Timor Leste.

Crystal Tassels

Paulina Lara Franco

Paulina Lara Franco creates theatre performance full of colour, fragments, text, love, her work is mainly surreal, absurd and honest. Paulina’s non-science Pauliphysics portraits a vision of the world based on personal experience and visual aesthetics.