Big Broad Revue

We are the Big Broad Revue and we are Berlin’s newest English speaking Variety Show! We bring you comedy, music, drag, burlesque, big people, small people, people of every shape, colour and size. The Big Broad Revue is for everyone! Get YOUR TICKETS NOW! LINK BELOW

What is a Big Broad? They are a gorgeous human being, not to be confused with a “prissy” little brat, they have a sense of class, nice style, a sarcastically snooty attitude, and can do whatever they want, whenever they want, because you know they’ll kill em all, because they are running the show.

Come join us for an amazing evening that will have you stomping your feet and clapping your hands.

Sponsored by Crazy Bastard Sauce.
If you are interested in having a booth please contact us!

For further questions or if you want to perform with us please email: