Balls to the Wall

Balls to the Wall comedy showcase shakes foundations of new comedy club

At the end of the night! B2W Opening

Balls to the Wall is a new monthly comedy showcase featuring established international comedians performing English language sets. Starring comics are diverse and intelligent, but at the same time ridiculous and irreverent.

Your Host: Liliana Velásquez

Chris David

Duckie L‘Orange

“Balls to the Wall showcases heavy hitters in comedy, hand picked by our all female team,” says the show’s latex-clad, tattooed host and co-producer, Liliana Velasquez. “All our performers have a special fierceness about them, and they have toured extensively across the world from Asia, to Africa, Australia and the Americas.”

Balls to the Wall was the opening show of Berlin’s brand new comedy club, The Wall, located on Boxhagenerplatz in Friedrichshain. Off the back of a completely sold out show, presale tickets are highly recommended.

Featured Comedians, June

Duckie L’Orange (AUS)

“Horrified audience members could barely watch” The Daily Mail (UK)

“while one half of the audience laughs, the other sinks shamefully into their armchairs” Berliner Abendblatt (DE)

“Well-coiffed” Nova 96.9 Radio (AUS)

Liliana Velasquez (COL)

This funny woman has an adventurous history Dancer Artist Muse and Domina turned comedian and cabaretist from Colombia.”Velasquez exudes a confidence typical of one who was born to take the stage.” Brno Daily  (Czech Republic)

20 of June

20:00 The Wall Comedy Club

Grünberger Straße 84, 10245 Berlin



Credit Shameless Berlin