Write about a challenge you faced and overcame.

The biggest challenge I faced, in my opinion, is when I had a miscarriage I was in my 30s I was engaged and I had never wanted children. Due to the good company the supportive partner and the possibility of this magical unity, I went forward with having a pregnancy. So far for the first time, I had changed my stance on pregnancy since my teenage years. Where I announces with much force than I was for abortion rights but I was for women having ownership over their bodies but I was not conservative not straight those years at the farm so much of who I am today but this choice reversing this choice was big and then I had a miscarriage and spiraled emotionally and physically. I wish more people had spoken to me about miscarriages I don’t have enough time to write more about this today but I will return to this post. And I have surpassed it and it’s made me a greater person and I’ve explored the world and I found that being single is for me!


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