What is something you wish you knew how to do?

I wish I could play multiple instruments. I often wish that I could sit somewhere and be a one-man-band. I see people with live stations. In particular, I see the very talented artist Winton Kelly Stevenson inspiring me with music. But I haven’t found a rhythm within this tiny box of petals, a rhythm with my hands and my voice of rhythm that is different than all the rhythms I’ve understood in dance. I can create flow with my body; I can create movement with my feet with my limbs.

So I have begun to practice Bass approximately once a week, which is not enough, not often enough. But I love that deep sound vibrating into my heart and slapping the base with my fingers and understanding the connection. I’m starting to see that with an instrument, one dances, one connection and the instrument dances back. I have a sexy bass she was a gift she has my name on her!

So today, I will take this opportunity and the inspiration that this blog challenge has created in me as I fulfill my first #Bloganuary entry! I will play and dance my fingers across the neck of the bass. I will keep learning until I know how to do that, which I wish I could do!

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