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A woman that speaks her mind and understands a deeper truth! “Jokes don’t come from between her legs!

A Penguin and a candle by Elizabeth Kremanski

My news feed has been flooding in the last weeks with posts and articles related to the #metoo movement and to many sexual harassment revelations. This big focus on gender related topics got closer and closer to my circle and touched recently the comedy scene I am regularly performing at in Berlin.

Many opinions were shared, groups created, meetups organized to try and find out answers to important questions of the kind: how can we encourage more female comics to join the comedy scene, how can we reduce browy vibes in shows and how can we be respectful towards other comedians in the scene. While I do appreciate all the thoughts that have been published, all the heated discussions that  have made many people angry, I don’t totally agree with all of them.

After many trials, I’ve learned my lesson of not engaging on social media forums when it comes…

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