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Sunday Slips!

Sunday Slips OPEN MIC:

Every Sunday No Matter What at Zum Krokodil Bar Weserstraße 20 Neukölln Berlin

Show up to Sign up Open Mic ONLY! Sign Up sheet Closes by 7:30pm Sharp. Comedy Music Poetry and more! Respect the light and lets have a good time.

Watch Sunday Slips Here on our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/freudianslipclub

The Grin Mill Liliana Velasquez, Dan Stern, Wynton Kelly Stevenson & Nico Klein

The Grin Mill

June 18th @ DAs Gift Donaustrasse 119 Berlin 12043

Dan Stern & Liliana Velásquez join forces. Imagine the life advice and adventures of Dominanny & Oak Milk Daddy!



LA LLORONA COMEDY Un evento con comediantes internacionales que comparten su perspectiva de la vida en otro país, otro continente. Conoce los retos, los sueños, los viajes, los desamores e insabores de los “expats” hispanohablantes.“The Wall” te espera para tomarte algo mientras ríes durante 2 horas sobre historias que quizá te han pasado a ti también, o quizá no, pero seguro te harán disfrutar junto a otras personas que aman el humor en español.

Tickets highly recommended. Please provide a same day negative covid test or proof of vaccination. Verano Delicioso Junio 3 y Julio 1, 2022


Freudian Slip Club Is….

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Freudian Slip Club is the collaboration of multi-talented international Berlin-based artist: Liliana Velásquez M. in collaboration with Wynton Kelly Stevenson & Verity Oberg. We have a home for you! This creative family brings you Comedy Music Cabaret multimedia artists and more. Based in Berlin and ready to travel!

Balls To The Wall! Funny, Fierce, Females That are not Fucking Around!

Contact Us: freudianslipclub@gmail.com

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